NC TarDevils Field Hockey Club

"First in flight!"

"First in flight"

Mission Statement

As the 1st Field Hockey club started in North Carolina back in 2004, our purpose of NC TarDevils Field Hockey Club is to encourage, develop and teach field hockey to boys and girls from ages 6 to 18 years old at all levels of experience, and to continue to achieve recognition for the NC TarDevils F.H. program as a premier national club team.

We continue to achieve this through the commitment of coaches, players, parents, and the local community to maintain the highest levels of support, dedication, sportsmanship and enthusiasm for the NC TarDevils Field Hockey program. We provide opportunities to learn, grow and develop well-rounded young athletes in our community.

Join our Academy for training AND/OR our travel select teams for tournaments & PlayDays.


Training is open to ALL age groups U/10 through U/19 players with a separate Adults Division.
Starts November 2 & 3, 2019 at     3 different cities.

Click on the INDOOR HOCKEY tab for the REGISTRATION process.

 EMAIL:        OR  for more details. 

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