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Who are the NC TarDevils?

TarDevils is the club name for Indoor Hockey & Field Hockey run out of the greater Chapel Hill area, including players from Durham, Raleigh, Winston Salem & Asheville. We provide premium coaching to boys & girls from 6 - 18 years old year round. Plus we have an extension into an Adults division.

We provide local training opportunities for ALL interested players (ie. Academy training, Clinics, Leagues...etc) which mainly has players from both the travel teams & those interested purely in furthering their skills & their enjoyment in the sport - that often leads to travel team interest. But that way we cover all our bases & develop a broader group of players to "test out" their own interest & pursuits in the sport. Often even college interests.

We have travel teams that fall under the club name (TarDevils) & the various tournaments we travel to areas all over the US, but mainly VA & FL. These tournaments are both Indoor & Outdoor Field Hockey. We travel to about 10 tournaments a year & that is solely based on player interest & participation, definitely not mandatory, but rather as chosen by families on a tournament-to-tournament basis following their own schedule. Players can attend 1 tournament, several tournaments, or none at all. These travel teams & tournaments are more competitive, the players give more commitment to their own development, get more coaching/training opportunities & improve drastically quicker than if they just "stayed at home & played for fun". 

If you have any questions please contact:

Donnae Farrington

  • Email: chtardevils@gmail.com OR avltardevils@gmail.com

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